About Us

About DataCraft and Akamai Data Solutions


Akamai Data Solutions is a trade name of DataCraft, Inc., a Hawaii corporation established in 1997 and located in one of the best little towns in Hawaii, Kailua.

Although established in 1997, our experience with cleaning and standardizing data goes back to 1988 when our founder began working with county real property data to create Hawaii’s first clean and accurate mailing list of homeowners.  If you’ve ever worked with raw real estate owner data, you know that it is really messy with all sorts of trusts and very little standardization on how names and addresses are entered.

This list was Steve’s introduction to the world of direct marketing.  Since then our state’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies, non-profits and more have sought our services.

If you are frustrated with the limitations of your data processors and it takes forever to get answers to questions like, “How did so-and-so get a mailer from us?  You were supposed to suppress our customers."  Or, “How did our count drop so much?”  We process in a way that allows us to track your records through every process and can usually answer these kinds of questions within a few hours if not minutes.

Providing you with accurate and dependable data processing is important to us and we are proud of the quality and integrity of our work.  Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.