Akamai Voter

Akamai Voter Data...

has been prepared by us to help you organize constituent data for personalized mail and door-to-door campaign activities.

With over 25 years of experience cleaning, standardizing and deduping data from a wide range of industries our list of Hawaii registered voters has been claimed by some to be the best available. Our clients include various labor unions, PACs, the AFL-CIO as well as individuals running for re-election or for their first time.

Akamai Voter Data Features (see legal notice below on data use):

  • Updated by matches to the US Postal Service's National Change of Address database
  • Names and addresses converted to upper-lower case using our proprietary case converter for a personal and professional appel
  • Household codes allow you to select one record per household and allow you to easily modify our householding
  • Resident addresses have been parsed into separated fields and formatted so that you can properly sort the file for walking your district
  • Phone numbers and ethnic codes available
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) registration flags based on the time Hawaiian Ancestry was required in order to vote in their elections.
  • Flags indicating if a person voted absentee or at the polls
  • Flags indicating if a person voted or not since 1998
  • Available in a variety of file formats including Excel, ASCII Comma Separated Values (CSV), ASCII Fixed Length Records and more.

Legal Notice:  State of Hawaii Revised Statute §3-172-31, limits the use of this list to electioneering purposes.  This list may not be used for any other purpose including but not limited to marketing or as a source of data including transferring data to another file or for flagging records as voters in another file whether electronic or hard copy.  Violation of this statute can result in fines and imprisonment.


Akamai Voter Data

Count reports by district
State Rep Counts
State Senate Counts
Congressional Counts
County/Council Counts

Please call or email for actual counts.  Our apologies for counts on our page that are outdated.  Our current Oahu file is as of 4/17/18 and Big Island 4/9/18.  Maui and Kauai are as of 1/19/2018

Next update tentatively scheduled for late June 2018