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Here are links and comments about some of our favorite apps.  We encourage you to share your favorites with us and our community.

Disclaimer:  We make no guarantees that the following will not crash your computer, introduce viruses, or actually work since we are not the authors or providers of the software/sites.  Our experience with these have been very favorable so we believe they will also be so for you.


When I'm setting up a new computer, this is my go to site.  It has a good listing of open source software, many of which are in my opinion, must-haves.  Software ranges from Office Suites to browsers to video players, picture editors and much more.  So far I've never gotten any viruses, ad ware or installations that try to trick you into changing your browser or search engines or any of the common garbage you can get when installing from many other sites.

This site is geared to setting up a new computer in that you pick all the software you want, then click on get installer.  An installer is then downloaded to your computer.  Your double click it and one-by-one, it installs all your picks while you walk away and do something fun or productive.  When you come back, voila!  Everything is installed.


Available on, this Winzip like product is one of my favorites.  Compresses a variety of file types using AES 256 bit encryption of super strength, just be sure you use a decently strong password.  We recommend a minimum of 15 characters that include one of each:   digits, symbols, upper-case alpha and lower-case alpha.

WinRAR is supposed to be good too but I personally have not tried it.


I've used this to create "How-To" videos where my voice is recorded and what I'm doing on my computer is captured.  There is a paid version for longer recordings and the low price is really nice.  I started using this around 2012 and liked it better than some of the other apps at the time.  There may be better apps now but I still use this one.


This is a clone of the MS Office Suite.  It resides on your computer and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software and more.  I've used the software for years without any issues.  This and Libre Office is available from  I've not tried Libre Office but heard it is excellent.


Also available from  This software is great if you have a friend that needs help with their computer or software that requires you to see their desktop and what is being typed.  You and your friend must have a copy of the software.  When you connect a secure connection between the two computers is opened.  You can then actually see what is on your friends computer and make changes to settings, etc.  Great for support type activities.  

I have not used it for the last several years but when I did, it was excellent.   At that time it  was free for personal use and there was a fee for commercial use.


Okay, okay, I have to admit that this is also a plug.  As a member of this US Postal Service organization (Postal Customer Council) I have to say that I strongly support this non-profit org.  It's mission is to communicate with the local mailing community.  There are chapters throughout the US.  If you offer direct mail service or planning to do a direct mail marketing campaign, you can network with the experts in the field.


This USPS site has a Tools menu item with some great stuff.   As a data cleansing service provide we often want to look up an address to see if it is valid or to see if it is a condo/apartment building that is missing the unit #.  It also provides the Zip Plus4 and barcode elements, delivery point and check digit (if you want to create a barcode).  Click on the sub-item Look up a Zip Code.

You can also order stamps and shipping boxes to be delivered to your mail box, file a change of address, calculate postage, etc.